a a 中艺五金铜雕有限公司一九九七年创建,位于乐清市磐石镇瓯江沿岸,南与温州机场隔
a a 公司全面实行ISO9001-2000质量管理体系,以国际一流的设备,高水准的技术,科学完善的内部管理体系,集古今、中外为典范选用优质铜为原料,精心雕作各种古佛、古鼎、人像、物像及红木家私、工艺家私、仿古家私的拉手、吊珠、箱扣等配件。公司为满足客户的需求,还开发珊瑚佩件、项链系列工艺品。铜雕艺术品形象逼真,造型美观、工艺精细,产品畅销国内十几个省市及日本、中东、欧美、东南亚等国家和地区,深受广大客商的青睐。
a a 中艺以"立足品质、诚实守信、良好承诺、真诚服务"为宗旨,挚诚欢迎新老朋友携手开拓,友谊合作,欣欣向荣。

a a Zhongyi Hardware Copper Sculpture Co.,Ltd.established in 1997,is located at Oujiang seacoast,Panshi Town,Yueqing City.It faces Wenzhou Airport across the river to its south.The passenger linear ferries regularly Wenzhou Bridge links both banks.It is very convenient in transportation by sea,land,and air.
a a Our company has enforced the quality management system of ISO9001-2000 comprehensively,we have also ushered in advanced equipments and technics of high.Standing on this base,we've formed scientific and perfect management of ourorganization.Depending on professional technical personnel,integrating the models from ancient and modern, china and foreign countries, choosing quality copper as raw material, we have carefully sculpted various Buddha,ancient tripod,character and object statuary,rosewood furniture,imitated ancient furniture handle,hanging bead,case buckle and so on.The copper sculpture artworks are of vivid image,beautiful model,and elaborate technique.The products are salable in more than ten provinces and cities in China,and exported to Japan,MidEast,Occident and southeast Asia and greatly favored by mass of customers and merchants.
a a Aiming at basing on quality,being faithful,offering favorable undertaking and pure-heated service,Zhongyi sincerely welcomes new and regular friends to develop with us hand in hand,cooperate in friendship and boom together.

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